Playing at exercise

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I did one lap on the treadmill today and made no progress on Zelda. Other than that the three of us overdosed on candy and got extra sleep. It was a good weekend.


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I’m trying again to post every day. Some days I’m only going to post how many laps of walking I’ve done, but it’s a step up to a good habit.

Guess what?

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It’s almost that time of day again and so I’m here trying to make a new habit. I wonder if it’s worth trying to make the habit of doing this every day or if I should actually be trying to blog every morning? The problem is that I’m sleepy for many hours in the morning and therefore have nothing to write about. Not that this introspective on why I’m not blogging is terribly interesting but in the morning I’m pressed to come up with coherent sentences. And that’s in person folks, let alone writing.

I spent most of the day either watching someone else play video games or playing them. It felt like a nice day spent somewhat as a family. More exercise would have been better, but it was cold, raining and dark. The boy was fairly pleasant for the whole day and the friend he had over is certainly one of the more polite of the regulars.

Church tomorrow. I don’t want to be falling asleep during the sermon so I’d better hit the sack. Nite!

Not yet bedtime.

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It’s the end of another day and I’d really like to be in bed. Once again, though, I’ve not yet posted so here I am rambling on. I’m very tired lately and I wish it would just stop.

Today at work I was so sleepy I couldn’t make my eyes focus. I went upstairs and lay down on the office couch and slept for three hours. I was really embarassed that I had slept that long. We’re pretty casual at the office and other people have napped there when needed but I think three hours is a little beyond the pale. Dale had tried to wake me up after a half hour or so but it didn’t take. I really need to have blood tests etc done.

Well I’m headed to bed soon so that tomorrow I will be able to do something besides sleep. Night.

Well, that went well.

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Ok so I failed at my attempt to post every day after two days. The only thing to do is start again. (or cheat and back date an entry) How about the only honest thing to do is start again.

This evening I went to the first meeting of the boy’s School Community Council. The SCC is what they call the PTA in these enlightened times. I’m so old I remember when having a PTA at your school meant the school was forward-looking and enlightened. From what I understand, everyone who offered to be on the council was acclaimed. This means that it’s a really exclusive group, of course.

Not much was discussed at the meeting, mostly just introductions and appointments. It was very casual. I’m looking at the feasability of doing a school cookbook either as a fund-raiser or just as a community builder.

I’ve never been on a committee like this before. There were plenty of ‘returning members’ but I wasn’t the only newbie either. I’d like to feel more of a connection to my son’s school but due to vast and ongoing upheavals in the DDSB, it seems likely that he’ll only be there for this year and maybe next. Even if he stays in French Immersion. There are meetings about boundaries changing for FI and for schools closing in the older part of our town. There is also a school being built about 6 blocks from us which is where he would go if he doesn’t continue in FI.

We’re almost a month in and he still isn’t settled in school. He’s blaming it on the language but I’m not sure that is all it is. Somehow I wonder if it wasn’t better and easier for my parents when I was in school. We had two choices. English Public or French Catholic. Not even really a choice for my family.

As well, parenting is hard. Who knew?

Ben 10 for the PS/2 and 2 6 year olds

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I’m sitting and watching the boy and a friend play Ben 10 -Protector of Earth for the PS/2. It’s rated E10+ but Dale bought it for him. It’s very exciting and requires lots of jumping up and down. It’s no more violent than the TV show and the characters all seem to have tag phrases to ensure the fight is well captioned. Puzzles are at about the right level for the two of them although I could very definitely see Jeffrey getting frustrated if he was playing alone.

The game story seems to be mostly advanced by the cut scenes and clips. Not that the boys are watching them much. They don’t skip them but they are too busy trash-talking to listen. The trash talk is mostly of the sort ”You wanna fight? You want a piece of me? I think I’ll have a piece of cake because this is so easy.” and “Missed me, missed me, now you have to kiss me.”

There is no gore and foes simply disappear once vanquished. Lots of health is available in various containers and boxes on the ground. The path doesn’t seem to fork and there are occasional reminders to continue moving along.

Total playing time so far is about an hour and they achieved level three. I’ve seen no evidence of a boss fight however.  Game play is a co-operative mode with both players as Ben10. Drop-in/drop-out is available with restore to the last check point if both players fall off or die.

The graphics are good and the cutscenes feel very much like the TV show, at least to my ancient senses. Reading required is minimal and mostly extraneousto the main task of button mashing.  I wouldn’t actually recommend it for any ten year old with any experience with action games.  These new gamers are enjoying it immensely though.

Ben 10-Protector of Earth was created by Dangerous High Voltage Software and published by D3 Publisher. Ben 10 is owned by Cartoon Network, as far as I can tell. This disk was purchased at EB Games for approximately $20 CDN

Almost missed it.

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This is going to be a really short post because I’m ready for bed and only still awake because I haven’t yet posted.  I just didn’t want to totally wipeout after having made my grand announcement yesterday. And just so you know, this still counts as Monday because I haven’t gone to bed.

Monday started with all three of us sleeping in. Dale woke me up at 7:38 on my clock. Given that the boy needs to be on the bus at 7:42, this was not good. We ended up driving him to school, both of us because Dale wasn’t confident he knew exactly where to go.

Nothing else momentous happened all day. I didn’t do much because I felt awful. Dale worked from home because I didn’t shove him out the door, apparently.

Tomorrow is pizza day at the school. I’m helping to deliver. I’ve been assigned Portable 10. I could rant about portables and the use of such but I’ll save that for another day. Trying not to sleep in tomorrow, you see. Nite!

P.s. Something in my house smells like bacon. We haven’t had bacon for weeks. Should I be worried?


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I’m trying to get used to writing a blog again. Not because I like writing. In actual fact, I dislike it rather intensely. Most especially when I need to write on a topic I have not chosen for myself. Expressing myself via the written word has always been difficult for me. Composition was definitely my ‘bete noir’ in high school.

I wish to write a blog because I have things I need to say. Not all of them need to be heard, but for my sanity, I need to say them.  As such I am going to try to write every day. I’ve been told it takes 21 days to make a habit. So this is my first day of a new habit. I won’t be going for quality in my writing, but quantity. Although I hope I will meet at least some minimum standards. It won’t be earthshaking, important or even amusing every time, but it might be sometimes.

Having made that glorious statement of purpose, I’m headed to sleep. Morning comes early and I’m pretty sure I’ve got a big week coming up.


Toilet training progress

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My boy is six and in grade one now and I still wouldn’t call him trained.  He’s doing a lot better. Over the summer he seems to have learned that it is less of an interuption to his playing to go to the bathroom than to have to change his pants.

I’ve managed to be come alot calmer about it too. At the end of school last June, he and I talked about why I thought it was important to not have accidents and why he still had them. We agreed that the worst part of having them was being stinky and not being allowed into his friend’s house because of it. We also agreed that lieing about being stinky makes it worse. Being able to have a real conversation with him about it helped. It started to feel like there was an end possible.

So over the summer we did a few things differently than we had been doing.

#1: I set alarms on my cell phone for every hour. When his alarm went off, he either had to have recently(within 5 minutes)  gone or go immediately. No ‘just a minutes’. No ‘next commercial’. No ‘but I’m playing’. No waiting at all.  At the beginning I had to haul him bodily to the bathroom several times, but eventually he got that it was non-negotiable. I gradually moved the alarms until they were about 90 minutes apart. After that he seemed not to have to use them. He was going pee on his own, just before the alarms. 

#2: If he had an accident and asked for help getting clean and new clothes then I/Daddy took care of rinsing out the underwear. If he lied about having an accident he had to rinse out the underwear (that evening) and get his body clean. He _really_ doesn’t like to rinse underwear. (Who does?) If he hid having an accident and we found the clothes in the washer, he had to rinse them out anyway. Immediately, not waiting until evening.

#3: Once a day, he had to sit on the toilet for an uninterupted two minutes. It didn’t matter if he felt he needed to go or not. Didn’t matter if he went or not. We always gave him praise if he sat for the required time without whinging and complaining and we gave him lots of praise and a Yu-Gi-Oh card if he actually went. We started doing this as part of our bedtime routine, but it got moved to about 4pm. He would start complaining that his tummy hurt at about that time. His suggested solution was candy. Sitting for two minutes seems to work better. :)

#4: Now that school has started, he rinses out the underwear. I’ll sit and read to him while he does it, but he actually has to rinse the underwear so that there are no lumps left. It’s taking longer than I’d like but there are fewer pairs to rinse nowadays then there were in August. The worst day we’ve had was six outfits. I only made him rinse for 45 minutes. After that, he went to bed and I took over.

I’m really looking forward to the day when I don’t have to spend time in the bathroom with him, but I can say that we’re making progress. The only advice I have for people still struggling is patience and consistancy. Dr. Mickey Lester says to remember that you won’t be changing his/her pants at his/her wedding. Any other deadline is too much pressure.

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