Well, that went well.

11:16 pm Parenting

Ok so I failed at my attempt to post every day after two days. The only thing to do is start again. (or cheat and back date an entry) How about the only honest thing to do is start again.

This evening I went to the first meeting of the boy’s School Community Council. The SCC is what they call the PTA in these enlightened times. I’m so old I remember when having a PTA at your school meant the school was forward-looking and enlightened. From what I understand, everyone who offered to be on the council was acclaimed. This means that it’s a really exclusive group, of course.

Not much was discussed at the meeting, mostly just introductions and appointments. It was very casual. I’m looking at the feasability of doing a school cookbook either as a fund-raiser or just as a community builder.

I’ve never been on a committee like this before. There were plenty of ‘returning members’ but I wasn’t the only newbie either. I’d like to feel more of a connection to my son’s school but due to vast and ongoing upheavals in the DDSB, it seems likely that he’ll only be there for this year and maybe next. Even if he stays in French Immersion. There are meetings about boundaries changing for FI and for schools closing in the older part of our town. There is also a school being built about 6 blocks from us which is where he would go if he doesn’t continue in FI.

We’re almost a month in and he still isn’t settled in school. He’s blaming it on the language but I’m not sure that is all it is. Somehow I wonder if it wasn’t better and easier for my parents when I was in school. We had two choices. English Public or French Catholic. Not even really a choice for my family.

As well, parenting is hard. Who knew?

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