Ben 10 for the PS/2 and 2 6 year olds

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I’m sitting and watching the boy and a friend play Ben 10 -Protector of Earth for the PS/2. It’s rated E10+ but Dale bought it for him. It’s very exciting and requires lots of jumping up and down. It’s no more violent than the TV show and the characters all seem to have tag phrases to ensure the fight is well captioned. Puzzles are at about the right level for the two of them although I could very definitely see Jeffrey getting frustrated if he was playing alone.

The game story seems to be mostly advanced by the cut scenes and clips. Not that the boys are watching them much. They don’t skip them but they are too busy trash-talking to listen. The trash talk is mostly of the sort ”You wanna fight? You want a piece of me? I think I’ll have a piece of cake because this is so easy.” and “Missed me, missed me, now you have to kiss me.”

There is no gore and foes simply disappear once vanquished. Lots of health is available in various containers and boxes on the ground. The path doesn’t seem to fork and there are occasional reminders to continue moving along.

Total playing time so far is about an hour and they achieved level three. I’ve seen no evidence of a boss fight however.  Game play is a co-operative mode with both players as Ben10. Drop-in/drop-out is available with restore to the last check point if both players fall off or die.

The graphics are good and the cutscenes feel very much like the TV show, at least to my ancient senses. Reading required is minimal and mostly extraneousto the main task of button mashing.  I wouldn’t actually recommend it for any ten year old with any experience with action games.  These new gamers are enjoying it immensely though.

Ben 10-Protector of Earth was created by Dangerous High Voltage Software and published by D3 Publisher. Ben 10 is owned by Cartoon Network, as far as I can tell. This disk was purchased at EB Games for approximately $20 CDN

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