Almost missed it.

12:54 am Parenting

This is going to be a really short post because I’m ready for bed and only still awake because I haven’t yet posted.  I just didn’t want to totally wipeout after having made my grand announcement yesterday. And just so you know, this still counts as Monday because I haven’t gone to bed.

Monday started with all three of us sleeping in. Dale woke me up at 7:38 on my clock. Given that the boy needs to be on the bus at 7:42, this was not good. We ended up driving him to school, both of us because Dale wasn’t confident he knew exactly where to go.

Nothing else momentous happened all day. I didn’t do much because I felt awful. Dale worked from home because I didn’t shove him out the door, apparently.

Tomorrow is pizza day at the school. I’m helping to deliver. I’ve been assigned Portable 10. I could rant about portables and the use of such but I’ll save that for another day. Trying not to sleep in tomorrow, you see. Nite!

P.s. Something in my house smells like bacon. We haven’t had bacon for weeks. Should I be worried?

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