Sick sick sick.

2:59 pm Just me

I’m sick of applying for jobs. I’m sick of doing housework. I’m sick. (No, really. I have a stomach flu.)

I just want one job. Just one. Why can I not get a job? I hear about twenty-eleven thousands of jobs being created on the news. I just want one.

I need new strategies for getting my resume in front of people. I hate doing it. Despite my mother telling me for years that I wasn’t shy, I am. Puting myself in front of others for any reason is exhausting. It’s also often terrifying.  I’m trying to design some “intro cards” to pass out but although I know in theory what put on them, I can’t quite make the leap to designing them.

I want a job so that we can pay someone else to do housework again. As expensive as our last person was, I love her. She so totally made our life better. I’m not sure if the stomach flu that we’ve all got is from grossness in the house or if it’s just a bug that we picked up. Either way, I want it to go away.

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