My day.

5:39 pm It's a thing

Very productive.


Get boy to school. Dale headed to work. Sit down at computer to apply for jobs. Friend phones. Talk for two minutes. Hang up because doorbell rings. Answered door. JW’s at door for hubby.  Decided to start dishes before going back to computer. Got halfway through that. Heard cat yakking upstairs. Ran for that. Cleaned it up. Decided to collect bag of garbage to take downstairs & outside. Doorbell rings. Answered door. Package for Dale.  Upstairs to put it in office. Decide to start laundry. Wonder if I should do our bedding. Look for new set of sheets that I know we have somewhere. Find bag of craft supplies I thought was lost. Decide to clean/organize craft area. Sit down and get lost in beading. Tear self from that. Take yarn downstairs with knitting case. Feel hungry. Realize I didn’t start dishes. Mostly fill dishwasher. Head upstairs to look for cups. Find current book. Get distracted by smut. Become very relaxed. Fall asleep. (1 hour) Wake up. Realize tonight is cub banquet. Look for my uniform. Find most of it. Notice hairbrush. Start brushing hair. While brushing hair remember I hadn’t phoned friend back. Go back to purple room for phone. Phone and leave msg at her house. Check for texts. Text Dale about what plan for tonight is. Text her about jw’s. Jeff comes home. Talk to him about DS. Friend phones. We discuss how unproductive my day has been.  Continue with hair. Shower is next. Really. I promise.


Some days it’s just not gonna happen.

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