On the needles.

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I started my raspberry ripple sweater today. The fibre is bamboo and so soft. It’s a small double knit and is “corked” instead of being spun. I don’t know how it’s going to look but if I don’t like it after the first part is finished I can just rip it out. (hahaha)

I’m using a tubular cast on. It’s hard to think about but pretty easy to do. I watched a video from Knitting Daily (http://www.knittingdaily.com/blogs/daily/archive/2008/11/19/learn-a-new-cast-on-tubular-cast-on-video.aspx) and read this article (http://www.woolfestival.com/articles/tubular_caston.htm) It’s pretty easy to do once you understand what to look for and where to do the pickups.

I’m hoping to have this sweater finished by Christmas but we’ll have to see. If I do that I won’t have Jeffrey’s blankie done for sure. Which project to choose? I’ve also got some Handmaiden in blues and greens that I want to turn into a shawl/scarf for a gift but I’ll not get that done for a while. Too many projects and too much gorgeous fibre! Dale says I never finish anything and it’s sort of true. But I just need someone to teach me how to put pieces together. I’ll learn someday.