Mid-night musings

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I’m not sure why I’m not asleep except that I woke up a little over an hour
ago and haven’t settled again yet.

Lots of not so happy thoughts are running through my head. Many to do with
fertility and babies. Miss Marble is in heat again. We really should get her
fixed. Some how it feels as though getting her (and her sister, Miss Dark)
fixed would be giving up on my own fertility.

I don’t even know if I/we really have issues there. Except for lack of
practice. I’m fairly sure that any doctor we consulted would tell us to go
away for the right weekend without the boy. Although I’m so bad at keeping
track of my cycle, I don’t know if I could predict the “right” weekend.

Somehow in the middle of the night, it’s all very depressing. I’m not even
sure if having another child would be a good thing for us. What would it do
to the boy? He’s already seven and conventional wisdom says that it would be
like starting a new family.

In some ways, the older the boy gets the more Dale and I fall into our old
semi-destructive habits. Having a second child would certainly curtail that.
Or cause us to be bankrupt rapidly.

Everything is up in the air. I’d like a way to make an actual informed
decision instead of a half-baked guess. I just don’t think that’s possible

All my uncertainty is exacerbated by job stress. I love my job. The work is
interesting and varied. I make my own hours. I can work from home pretty
much whenever I need/want to. I get to car pool with Dale some days and
drive my own car others. It’s pretty awesome all round. The stress comes
from the risk of having both of us working in a start-up. Totally and
completely without safety net. I’d really like that part to change without
changing any other aspect of the job. Not asking for much am I?

It’s almost time for my alarm to go off. Guess I’ll start my day early.

Trying again.

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I think I’ve got the email posting all figured out. We’ll find out with this

I’d like to post more often but when I set the bar too high I intimidate
myself. However, as of today I’m starting a new posting category. I’m going
to make a short post when I make a choice that is healthier or smarter than
my default choice. As an example of what might end up here, I had milk with
lunch today instead of a coke. It’s a small thing but I’m trying to have
many small choices end up making a big change.

Wish me luck.

Have you seen this?

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Ok so I’ve done absymally at posting every day. But I surf every day.

And today I found this:


Win a Bathtub Full of Cereal from Ted Murphy on Vimeo.

(My first ever embedded video!) Check it out.

It’s funny, weird and a cool idea.

On the needles.

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I started my raspberry ripple sweater today. The fibre is bamboo and so soft. It’s a small double knit and is “corked” instead of being spun. I don’t know how it’s going to look but if I don’t like it after the first part is finished I can just rip it out. (hahaha)

I’m using a tubular cast on. It’s hard to think about but pretty easy to do. I watched a video from Knitting Daily (http://www.knittingdaily.com/blogs/daily/archive/2008/11/19/learn-a-new-cast-on-tubular-cast-on-video.aspx) and read this article (http://www.woolfestival.com/articles/tubular_caston.htm) It’s pretty easy to do once you understand what to look for and where to do the pickups.

I’m hoping to have this sweater finished by Christmas but we’ll have to see. If I do that I won’t have Jeffrey’s blankie done for sure. Which project to choose? I’ve also got some Handmaiden in blues and greens that I want to turn into a shawl/scarf for a gift but I’ll not get that done for a while. Too many projects and too much gorgeous fibre! Dale says I never finish anything and it’s sort of true. But I just need someone to teach me how to put pieces together. I’ll learn someday.

Now is the time for all good bloggers…

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I don’t know if it’ll help but I now have email updating for microblogging.

I will see what happens.


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I’m trying again to post every day. Some days I’m only going to post how many laps of walking I’ve done, but it’s a step up to a good habit.

Guess what?

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It’s almost that time of day again and so I’m here trying to make a new habit. I wonder if it’s worth trying to make the habit of doing this every day or if I should actually be trying to blog every morning? The problem is that I’m sleepy for many hours in the morning and therefore have nothing to write about. Not that this introspective on why I’m not blogging is terribly interesting but in the morning I’m pressed to come up with coherent sentences. And that’s in person folks, let alone writing.

I spent most of the day either watching someone else play video games or playing them. It felt like a nice day spent somewhat as a family. More exercise would have been better, but it was cold, raining and dark. The boy was fairly pleasant for the whole day and the friend he had over is certainly one of the more polite of the regulars.

Church tomorrow. I don’t want to be falling asleep during the sermon so I’d better hit the sack. Nite!

Not yet bedtime.

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It’s the end of another day and I’d really like to be in bed. Once again, though, I’ve not yet posted so here I am rambling on. I’m very tired lately and I wish it would just stop.

Today at work I was so sleepy I couldn’t make my eyes focus. I went upstairs and lay down on the office couch and slept for three hours. I was really embarassed that I had slept that long. We’re pretty casual at the office and other people have napped there when needed but I think three hours is a little beyond the pale. Dale had tried to wake me up after a half hour or so but it didn’t take. I really need to have blood tests etc done.

Well I’m headed to bed soon so that tomorrow I will be able to do something besides sleep. Night.


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I’m trying to get used to writing a blog again. Not because I like writing. In actual fact, I dislike it rather intensely. Most especially when I need to write on a topic I have not chosen for myself. Expressing myself via the written word has always been difficult for me. Composition was definitely my ‘bete noir’ in high school.

I wish to write a blog because I have things I need to say. Not all of them need to be heard, but for my sanity, I need to say them.  As such I am going to try to write every day. I’ve been told it takes 21 days to make a habit. So this is my first day of a new habit. I won’t be going for quality in my writing, but quantity. Although I hope I will meet at least some minimum standards. It won’t be earthshaking, important or even amusing every time, but it might be sometimes.

Having made that glorious statement of purpose, I’m headed to sleep. Morning comes early and I’m pretty sure I’ve got a big week coming up.


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