bargf! fooggle. harupmph.

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I’d like to post a comment on  but I can’t because it says I don’t own the yukonruby id. I don’t know what to do other than grump.


The end of all this foolishness.

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Obama won. but you knew that, right? I don’t care but I do care. It bugs me that I care but it’s impossible not to.

At the very least I’m glad it’s over. I just hope it’s really totally over and there isn’t another “vote count” debacle.


In the dark

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We went on to a campfire with the 2nd Brookln Beavers and Cubs tonight. It was a gorgeous night for it. Warm, clear and bug free! but it was very very dark.

Snacks after the campfire were spider dogs and marshmallows. It was fun but tiring. The boy didn’t get to sleep until 9:30 so he’ll be tired tomorrow for sure. Nice change though.

Playing at exercise

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I did one lap on the treadmill today and made no progress on Zelda. Other than that the three of us overdosed on candy and got extra sleep. It was a good weekend.

Not yet bedtime.

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It’s the end of another day and I’d really like to be in bed. Once again, though, I’ve not yet posted so here I am rambling on. I’m very tired lately and I wish it would just stop.

Today at work I was so sleepy I couldn’t make my eyes focus. I went upstairs and lay down on the office couch and slept for three hours. I was really embarassed that I had slept that long. We’re pretty casual at the office and other people have napped there when needed but I think three hours is a little beyond the pale. Dale had tried to wake me up after a half hour or so but it didn’t take. I really need to have blood tests etc done.

Well I’m headed to bed soon so that tomorrow I will be able to do something besides sleep. Night.